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Sedosa Taking a moment to relaxes and let her mind fly…..She just started so nothing is really coming up yet. :P 

Sedosa Belongs to me She is base on Maka from Soul Eater and Form is of a Kirlia from pokemon.


 Mega Beedril ( Hugging it is not a option any more. )

0.0 So many Points….i love it.

Mega Beedrill Does not belong to me.


This new Mega Form of Rayquaza is so Epic i want it alot : D

Mega Rayquaza Belongs to Pokemon 


Gardevoir: Oh my. with all these powerful new Mega Pokemon’s out there It will be hard to come out ontop.

Gallade: Maybe love… But i know as we Fight as one mind and one body… There is no fight we cant over come.

Gardevoir: Right.

Mega Gardevoir and Mega Gallade don’t Belong to me. 



eWe  *Breaths Hard* My Gardevoir’s will not be alone anymore!!1!~

pic does not belong to me.


Not much to say about this Dragon but Epic and Shiny! ;w;

How many or you want to see me Draw the Egyptian Gods or others idk <XD

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Does not belong to me.


Drake: Well why not Start with something little first. like a pic and see how it goes.


I was asking what you’d like to see me post, not how should I start to draw a picture lol

Well why not Sonic stuff then. i would like to see the Chao’s again.

I will say i never Saw the show. But it doesnt mean i can Draw him for my best friend Toxicsoul77. hope you like it. < : )

Wardan Does not Belong to me.


These are things i worked on this Week hope you Guys like them -w-.

Thought it was a cool idea to make my own Hearthstone Hero.

Name: Sedosa

Class: Meister

What you guys think?


The pic below it the Original pic of Sedosa i made